Megan is a modern braided fabric of distinct texture and three-dimensional feel. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and a wide range of intense colours will highlight the best features of lounge corner sofas, armchairs and elegant sofas. The tactile texture of the fabric results from a thick weave of the yarn used. In everyday use, this translates into the aesthetic value of the fabric, as well as into a factor that increases its durability. The Nano Block technology used in its production means that water and other liquid particles remain on the surface of the fabric, making it easier to clean stains. A dry cloth or paper towel is all you need to remove spills.

Szerokość Width
144 cm ± 2cm
Skład Composition
100% PES
Odporność Abrasion resistance
40 000
Gramatura Grammage
360g/m2 ± 5%
nano block Nano block
nano block
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